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                    1. Products

                      Coupling Product

                      The metallic flexible coupling is a drive unit...

                      safty coupling

                      The coupling is divided into two kinds...

                      electrolysis erosion machine

                      Along with development of modern iron...

                      CONTACT PERSON: RAY LI
                      TITLE: OVERSEAS DIRECTOR
                      TEL: 0086 13898860723
                      EMAIL: [email protected]
                      FACTORY ADD: SHENYANG, CHINA

                      About us

                      Shenyang Coups Transmission Machinery Co., Ltd is a joint venture company by China Triocircle Factory and British Coups Transmissio Machinery Co.,Ltd.Its registered capital is 6 million US dollars, with an area of 40,000 square meters, plant area of 15,000 square meters.


                      In short years, we put investments in high-tech equipment, including torque test stand, three-coordinate test bench and large-scale axis CNC machining centers, etc which improves the technology strength and competitiveness. It achieves international classification society certificate and impressive performance international market.


                      We are always specializing in transmission field with over 20 years experience, providing best products and services, making great efforts to reach the customers' strict requirements and enjoyed good international reputation, help them to be continuously profitable.